John Hopkins University offer MOOC on Data Science

John Hopkins University

John Hopkins University are offering an online course in Data Science via Coursera starting on 7th April 2014.

Overall I quite like the look of this, but reading the descriptions it looks like it could a bit light on statistics. Sorry if this sounds wishy-washy but I haven’t done this course myself so I’ve only got the description to go on. However one of the modules has been recommended to me – see below.

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Time Commitment

It’s 9 modules plus a project, with 3 modules running currently at a time. Each module runs for about 4 weeks and requires 3-5 hours per week. If you do the maths this means you’ll need to be committing about 12 hours a week to the course. Total time for the entire course is about 40 hours spread across 3 months.


This is quite an interesting one. The modules cost $49 each, so the complete course is 10x$49 = $490. For this you get a Specialization Certificate. The courses are pay-as-you-go so the cost is spread. However if you read down to the FAQ section on the page you’ll see that you can do the courses for FREE – you just have to sign up on the individual module pages, and you will NOT get the certificate. This makes them  a useful option if you simply was to brush up your knowledge in a particular area.


Worth A Look

I haven’t done any of these courses myself, but one of the other people on my MSc course has done the module on R Programming and said he found it quite good (remember when you read this that we are European so “quite good’ is actually fairly strong praise 🙂 ). Given that they have the potential to be free I’d say it’s worth a look.

Thanks to Ward Schrooten for the tip and recommendation on this one.


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