The Learning Data Science Clock v1.1

Really stoked about this as I’ve been working on it for a while. The Learning Data Science Clock 😀

When your starting out, the world of Data Science, one of the tricky parts is trying to work out what you need to learn. There was a great blog post about 6 months ago from Swami Chandrasekaran where he created a MetroMap guide to learning Data Science. That really inspired me, and I wondered if I could take it to the next level. So I’ve created the Data Science Clock – it’s a visual guide to how you learn about Data Science. I’ve tweaked Swami’s original ideas and I’m going to continuing updating it because I think Data Science is a subject that evolves all the times. I  finally got to version 1.0 this morning and we’re already on version 1.1 as of 6 o’clock this evening because of some feedback 🙂

The basic clock is below, but if you want more details and future plans have a look at the clock page. One thing I want to do is try and create am interactive version so you can zoom in on the details if your looking at the online version, but I’ll need to learn HTML 5 for that – oh well, good project for the week end 😀

The Simple version just showing the major subject areas –

The Data Science Clock v1.1 (Simple)

The Data Science Clock v1.1 (Simple)

And the full version will all the details –

The Data Science Clock v1.1 (Full)

The Data Science Clock v1.1 (Full)

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    • Thanks for the comments … constructive criticism is always very welcome 😉
      It’s JSON (not JASON). Don’t you just hate auto-correct, new version 🙂
      You can’t do SQL with Pig. Doh! – that was supposed to read SQL vs PIG
      Reading upside down is kind of annoying. I’ve always been able to do that so I tend to assume that other people can as well, but the whole point about an infographic is to convey information so that other people can understand it easily. I’ll have a think about this one … may be flip halfway. The idea with the dynamic version is the petals would unfurl and the text would straighten up as you clicked on it into a normal paragraph…. but it’s finding the time to do these things 🙁

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