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Learning Data Science isn’t easy – even just working out what you need to learn about is tricky. This is what made Swami Chandrasekaran come up with his Curriculum via Metromap, (well worth a look!). Inspired by that, I’ve created a Data Science Clock. If you look at Swami’s original Metromap you’ll see that I have drawn heavily on his original work in creating this clock and I must credit him with the original idea – it was awesome!

This is an evolving project and if you look just under Learning Data Science, you’ll see a small version number. It’s there because I expect this diagram to be updated as time goes on. That’s the great thing about Data Science – it’s not a static subject. It changes, it evolves, and as it does I’ll update this diagram.

The simply form just gives an idea of the breadth of skills you need to become a Data Scientist.

The Data Science Clock v1.1 (Simple)

The Data Science Clock v1.1 (Simple)

But that’s just the simple wheel that shows you the categories that you need, the full wheel shows you it in detail

The Data Science Clock v1.1 (Full)

The Data Science Clock v1.1 (Full)

How to use

You can if you wish just work your way around the clock, but don’t fell constrained to do this in order. One of the great things about Data Science is that people come to it from all walks of life. if you already understand one of the sections, simply skip it. Likewise don’t be surprised if you find yourself running round the clock face more than once. That’s the reason why there’s a “?” at the 12 o’clock position.


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Basically, you can use these graphics however you want but please attribute to source. In the words of the great Douglas Adams, “Share and Enjoy” 🙂

Feedback on the Clock is very welcome – see something you disagree with – let us know. Are we missing something – let us know.


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