It’s a sad fact, but it costs money to run this site 🙁

So I try to recover the money by a small amount of advertising, and referral links. These will be clearly identified when they are in the body of an article. If you see something in a side bar or banner that looks like an advert or referral link then it probably is.

If you do use a referral link it won’t cost you anything but it will help me to run the site 😀

If I review a product or book I will make it clear if I bought it myself, or it’s been supplied to me for review purposes. I will not recommend any product I don’t personally like or value.

Because of the nature of the site I may well end up positing links to courses, books, education etc that I haven’t personally tried but other people have, and have reported favourably on. Again it will be made clear for these that I haven’t tried them personally.

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