Database Landscape Map (June 2013) from 451 Research

This is a rather nice infographic I found on the Database Landscape from 451 Research from June 2013. It shows the relationship between the SQL and NoSQL databases, and gives a nice feel for the interrelationships. I also like the fact that he’s included Hadoop even though, technically, Hadoop is not a database, it’s an eco-system that includes a database – often HBase. But it is very, very important when your talking about Data Science tools.It’s the 10th one down in the key at the side if your interested.

It says in the blog entry that the author, Matthew Aslett, is planning a major update in late 2013 but it doesn’t see to have appeared yet. Here’s a link to the maps tag in their blog which would be worth checking periodically to see if it’s been updated.

Database Landscape Map June 2013 by 451 Research

Database Landscape Map June 2013 by 451 Research


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